SHAPE the future
of education


SHAPE is a cross-sector collaboration encompassing education, technology, investment, society and more with the aim of creating a ‘full stack’ approach across the education ecosystem.

We’re inviting experts, enthusiasts and doers to come together to help shape education.

If you are interested in getting involved with SHAPE, either personally or as part of your organisation please get in touch below.


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Teachers are fundamental to education

Whatever the future of education, teachers remain fundamental. We need teachers to help us understand how technology is being successfully integrated today, and how it should be shaped in the future. We’re looking for teachers to help us design technology for education.

Technology enablers

Technology enables new formats and augments existing formats of education. This is more than just edtech; delivery, connectivity and security are just some of the factors which will determine how well education delivers for society. We are looking for technology companies who want to be part of a bigger future of education.


The social context

Education should not exist for education’s sake. In order to know what education is ‘for’, we need to frame it in a wider context of global, social change.

We are looking for analysts and researchers to help us develop an understanding of areas where the reshaping of education can better facilitate our lives, from our first steps to all the way through our careers.

Impact and policy

The impact of education can be measured. But what we measure, how we measure it and what we do with the subsequent information have a huge effect on how education is designed.

We are looking for researchers, policy experts and thinkers to help us consider what, how and why we should be measuring in education.

The learner

Education needs to serve the learner by being suited to the world they live in and the world of work they are entering. This should be designed with the learner, not in their absence.

We need learners who feel strongly about what their experience of education should be, and who want to influence education for future learners.


Get in SHAPE

We welcome applications from experts, enthusiasts and doers in education and other related industries.

If you are interested either in attending the conference on 19 September 2019 in Cambridge, UK, or in being involved with SHAPE in the future, please apply: simply tell us a bit about who you are, your mission, and how you can contribute to shaping the future of education.

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