The 1-day, single-track event that brings
together experts from around the world to ask:
how is our society changing and what do we
need education to deliver for that society?


The SHAPE of things to come


We will gather to transform what we know about our changing society into action for shaping education.

Through talks, workshops and group work we will explore what society needs from education and how we can best deliver and accelerate change.





Our starting point will be a series of short talks, ‘fireside chats’ and activities to get us thinking about where society is moving, what norms are emerging and where education might sit. Emerging themes will shape the rest of the day.


We’ll then form workshops around the themes and, in response to further input and stimuli, groups will explore implications and key challenges. Each group will be supported by a skilled facilitator, and a graphic annotator will create a record of key outputs and ideas from the discussion.

Bringing it all together

Towards the end of the day we’ll bring together the challenges, insights and actions from each group.


Get in SHAPE

We welcome applications from experts, enthusiasts and doers from education and all related industries.

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